Meaning for the Sicilian pine cone

there are different emblematic values of  the Sicilian  pine cone . Already at the dawn of time, the image of the pine cone was matched by the idea of the divine and immortality. Being the fruit of an evergreen tree, the pine, which never loses all its leaves even during winter, it embodies the concept of life force and eternity.

In ancient times, moreover, it was not unusual that this woody fruit was associated with the concept of the cosmic egg, linked, therefore, to theories on the birth and origin of the world and the human being. Among the many meanings, however, the one closest to the Sicilian tradition, is the one that binds the pine cone to the idea of fertility and life-giving force. This correlation is derived, most likely, from the presence inside the pine cone of many “sons”, the pine nuts, which abound inside it. The pine cone is also linked to the god Dionysius who was originally an archaic god of vegetation. Later he was identified as a god of ecstasy, of the wine  of the liberation of the senses; he therefore came to represent the essence of creation].

the sacred Tyrus was the ritual stick of the God Dionysus and was surmounted by a pine cone

Here in Sicily the pine cone becomes the symbol of positivity and there is no house where you can not find at least one.

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