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Meaning for the Sicilian pine cone

there are different emblematic values of  the Sicilian  pine cone . Already at the dawn of time, the image of the pine cone was matched by the idea of the divine and immortality. Being the fruit of an evergreen tree, the pine, which never loses all its leaves even during winter, it embodies the concept […]

Saint Joseph

In Catania, as in all of Italy, on March 19 St. Joseph is celebrated combined with Father’s Day and, as is tradition everywhere, each Italian region has its own culinary specialties. Here, for San Giuseppe, we eat “crespelle di riso” or zeppole, an ancient recipe from the cuisine of the Benedictine monastery. An exquisite dessert […]


The Single Ticket is simple, convenient, inclusiveFor a more complete, varied cultural experience try the single ticket.With a single card you can have access to all the structures of Catania museums system every day.Why choosing a single ticket:The single ticket favors the diffusion of multimodal knowledge and integrated fruition of the cultural heritage.What are the […]

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